I was referred to Kathryn Henson by Melody L. Melody told me she was the best real state agent anyone could ask for. Not only does she get the job done but she makes sure the job is done well and on time. She is very flexible and easy to work with. She will answers any questions people have as many times as needed. My husband and i have been working with her for the past 2 years i believe just because it took us that long to be able to get a house. We are just extremely grateful that with her help we will now have our very first home on November 30th. She is just the best!

Evelyn Kuh

A work friend recommended you because you are awesome and their family. You did and amazing job helping us sell our home and purchase another, that we used you again to purchase our next. I love that you are honest, knowledgeable and professional. You have been in the business so long that you have a contact in almost every field and a great working relationship with other realtors. We have been approached by other realtors and people that know realtors, but our next home will be from Kathryn Gregg Henson. She gets your home sold and makes sure you’re completely satisfied when purchasing a home!!

Renee Chapman-Blackwell

Kathryn and I met when I called a national number looking for a Realtor.  She is a genuinely caring person that listens to what you want and works tirelessly to make it happen for you.  Honestly without her I would not have the house of my dreams and a new found friend!

Lisa W.

I met Kathryn in 2014.  I was introduced to her by my husband whom had known her for years.  We believed we were ready to shop for a home.  Kathryn explained the process to us and we went looking.  At the end of the day my husband and I realized there were a few more things we needed to get in place before we made the final step.  Once we communicated to Kathryn we weren’t ready, she smiled and said just let me know when you are ready.  She was very empathetic and didn’t reject us because she wasn’t going to make any money off of us at that point.  Her actions that day lead me to believe she was the right realtor for us.  Her pleasantness toward us even after discovering we weren’t entirely ready is what sold me on choosing her.  She wasn’t just out to make money, granted this is her way of making a living.

Fast forward to a year later, we contacted Kathryn again and On September 19, 2015.  My husband and I made an appointment with Kathryn to look at houses.  Prior to our appointment, we picked out homes we saw online that we thought we would need to see in person.  We picked about 17 houses.  Now this is a ridiculous amount of homes to view in a day.  However, Kathryn did everything in her control to get us in 14 of those homes, in order for us to view.  We began our search, and Kathryn was considerate enough to give us a lunch break and we resumed our search an hour later.  She understood exactly what we were looking.  She offered sound advice on each home. The day was extensive for all of us, we were drained and I assumed Kathryn was as well.  The only difference between us is if she was exhausted we never knew.  She kept the same demeanor from morning to evening & throughout every house we viewed.  Her pleasantness and endurance is what made it so easy to work with her.  Once we viewed all the homes, we made another appointment for the next day to view our top 4 homes.  I already had a home I fell in love with in mind.

Kathryn greeted us the next day with the same smile on her face as the day before.  It was a refreshing feeling.  She took us to our top 4 picks and she patiently gave us the information of each home.  It was now up to us.  We decided on which home felt like home to us.  My husband and I went back home to discuss.  We decided on one that I really, really wanted and we phoned Kathryn back to make an offer.  I had to make an offer that day because this was the one.  We met her at her office on Sunday evening.  Once we put up the earnest money, we were on our way, so we thought.  We hit road block after road block for weeks with the lender.  The process became an arduous one.  All the while Kathryn kept her composure and never gave up on us.  She was my strength when I had thrown in the towel and was prepared to give up.  Kathryn would call and give me reassurance.  She made us feel like we were her top priority.  She spent weeks working late into the night & early mornings, when she could have been resting.  She was my only beacon of hope because she is very knowledgeable and has observed a lot in her tenure.  Kathryn pretty much worked 24/7 even up until the night prior to our scheduled closing.  She went above and beyond on numerous occasions.  One in particular, she literally accompanied me in order to get some things done.  At that point I had given up, but she reassured me about the process.  She was there for me when I needed her most.  She became more than my realtor, she became my friend.  She wore more hats during our process than anyone could imagine.  She was always going above and beyond the scope of her job title.  This is the kind of realtor you want on your team.  I can’t fathom anyone, anywhere working as hard as she did to get me in the house of my dreams.  I don’t think there is anyone who would’ve worked as hard as she did.  This speaks of her character and how passionate she is about her career.  She saw us through the entire process, while holding my hand and giving me strength the entire way.

On October 23, 2015, we finally closed.  It was a sign of completion.  My husband and I became very
emotional, reflecting back on all the turmoil we endured.  The bright side is, we had Kathryn Henderson by our side for the entire process.  If it weren’t for her, we probably would’ve thrown in the towel.

Felecia CollinOwner - Collins Cakes & Creations